Pool of Radiance Dutch

I already had a German version of this game so this Dutch version was a nice addition. It is a very nice box in a vivid blue color with red elements and shiny metallic golden letters. I never played this game myself but since I love all D&D-related stuff... This box was part of a set of 13 bigboxes and  a stack of old manuals. I paid about 6 euro's a box, so that is a good deal in my opinion.

The box also has a booklet containing a tabletop D&D game called "Caves of Shadow" in it. The book is in English except for the back which is in Dutch and features a list of game-shops in the Netherlands. It has the classic characters Regdar, Mialee, Jozan and Lidda in it. The cover of the box has a sticker on it, shouting about this free game :)

This game is in my collection. If I can help you with a question or a more detailed photo or scan please let me know!

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