Welcom to the Big Box Library!

Before the DVD-era, games were sold in large cardboard-boxes. Those boxes were given a lot of thought, design-wise. I guess because customers would literally stand in the shop with the box in their hands trying to figure out if the game is any good. They couldn't just whip out their phone and check Metacritic or the Steam-ratings of a game and had to go by what it looked like.

The goal of this website / project is to digitally preserve these boxes by carefully cataloguing their design and contents. 

Why do this? 
It is both a drive to establish an extensive database for the public and a way for myself to keep track of my personal collection. I like capturing knowledge and sharing it. I hope you enjoy browsing through the boxes. If you have any feedback, question or games you want to get rid of (hint), please drop me a note via the contact-page!

I always keep an eye out for these big boxes on physical and digital marketplaces. After acquiring and photographing a new box I decide whether to add it to my personal collection or not. For some of them, I hope to find a new home. So checkout the boxes I have available for trade or sale