Any box that isn't featured on this site is welcome to be scanned and photographed by me. But there are some games I would like to specifically mention here, in random order. Have you got such a game? And maybe want tot trade it for something I have available? Please get in touch!

Heroes of Might & Magic.
I have the second en third game but not the first.

I would like to purchase the Pro-version of the great FSLightbox component made by Piotr Zdziarski. It will make the photo-gallery even better because of the zoom- and pan-functionality. Please donate!

The manual for Everquest.
I have the box but the manual is missing. 
The blue-ish version of Battlespire.
The box in my collection has a definite green color. I am not totally sure but I have seen photos Battlespire which are more green/blue in color, like this image. Got such a box or any info? Please let me know! 

Morrowind, the Collector's Edition.
(Not the Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Collector's Edition.)

The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Deluxe Edition.
Probably the game that would make me the most stoked to find in the wild.
Just because I played this game as a kid and never bought the original.
I have been addicted to its sequel, Frontier. So I would like to get my hands on the first one very much!
American McGee's Alice
 Slipstream 5000